5-minute Energy Boosters for Any Dull Day

If you find yourself dragging through another dull day or just can’t seem to find the motivation to tackle that next project, take a time out for a natural energy booster in five minutes or less. Stress at home, a hectic work week or simply over-scheduling yourself can take its toll on your energy level and leave you in a less than stellar mood. Knowing how to turn your day around in as little as five minutes can help you get through any difficult day with ease. You don’t have to load up on the caffeine either.

Here are just a few five-minute energy boosters that can help you get through that dull or difficult day:

Eat Fiber-Rich Breakfast Foods

One of the best things you can do for your diet – and your health – is to eat a high-fiber breakfast each morning. Bran, muesli or even good old-fashioned oatmeal will fill you up and provide you with a steady stream of energy through that busy morning. Eating a fiber-rich diet can curb hunger pangs and these healthy carbs will also keep blood sugar levels in check. These breakfast foods take less than five minutes to prepare and you’ll enjoy the benefits for hours. Remember these breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day. Eat them as a snack or replace another meal with these foods to enjoy the energy-boosting benefits.

Break for a Speedwalking Session

Take a break and get some fresh air to refresh your mind and body in just about five minutes. Just head outdoors for a quick walk and breathe deeply to get the oxygen flowing. The change of scenery and fresh oxygen can help to increase your energy levels and help you focus better when you head back indoors. Increase your heart rate enough and you might also benefit from a mild endorphin boost.

Reach for a Protein-Rich Snack

Snacks that are high in protein can be a great pick-me-up in the middle of a stressful or energy-zapping day. Unlike sweet and high-carb foods, protein-rich foods won’t put you on the sugar high-low cycle and will also make you feel more satisfied. Eating a protein-rich snack in the middle of the day can help you focus better and get through the rest of the day with ease. Take just five minutes to pack these snacks the night before so you always have something on hand when hunger pangs strike.


If you’ve been sitting at the computer all day or just feel too tired to do much of anything, get up and move around with a full-body stretching session. A series of stretches that engage your core muscle groups will increase circulation throughout your body. Make sure you’re breathing deeply and holding each stretch for more than a few seconds to make the most of this mini-break. Just five minutes is all it really takes to enjoy the benefits of a good stretch session.