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Reasons why Coffee Mugs are so Popular in the Collectors Market

Coffee, tea and hot cocoa are among the best loved “comfort” drinks in the world. Many people feel that they cannot function after waking up until they have had their morning coffee fix. Some people enjoy a cup or two of hot tea in the afternoon. Some people love when winter rolls around simply because it means they get to curl up with a blanket and enjoy their hot cocoa.

What do all of these drinks have in common? No, it’s not the caffeine (although all do contain at least a little bit) and no it is not the fact that the drinks are served warm either. The common denominator here is the vessel used to contain the hot beverage: a mug.

Typically referred to as a coffee mug, these cups are a mainstay in the cupboard and the even in the collectors’ market. But what is so special about coffee mugs that people want to collect such a thing?


If it is funny, you can find it on a coffee mug, or have one made to say it. For some collectors, there is nothing better than starting their day off drinking some coffee/tea out of a humorous mug. A little chuckle can sure make the day start off on a positive note. From cute little animals to wise cracking old ladies, humor has found a home on coffee mugs.


It is nice to have to reminders of good times in life and this is why some collectors choose coffee mugs. Some collect mugs that remind them favorite childhood cartoon characters or music groups or special moments in their lives like graduating high school/college. Perhaps a certain style of coffee mug reminds the collector of having coffee with a loved one, or just brings back fond memories of holidays.

Different things hold special places in peoples hearts and minds. One collector might drink out of his/her sentimental mugs and another might place them in a special case for display only. It just depends on the collector.

Travel reminder

Many people like to bring home a souvenir from the places they travel. Coffee mugs are inexpensive and usable. Every time the person drinks out of that particular coffee mug, he/she can remember that trip and getting the mug. There may even be an interesting story associated with that trip and coffee mug.  


There are those fun loving people that enjoy collecting coffee mugs simply because there are so many sizes, shapes, colors and designs. They can literally drink out of a different mug everyday for weeks! For these collectors, variety really is the spice of life. These savvy folks know that each time they go coffee mug hunting, they will find something interesting and worth having in their collection. 

Personal expression

Sometimes a person ends up collecting coffee mugs, but did not start out with that intention. For example, receiving coffee mugs as gifts can kick off a collection, or buying job-related coffee mugs to bring a little smile to the work day. Maybe someone is a sports fan and they begin collecting coffee mugs with his/her favorite team logo. A coffee mug can offer a great form of self-expression without having to say a word.

Aside from all the fun designs already on the market, people can also start a collection of personalized coffee mugs by having them special made. This guarantees that no one else in the world has a coffee mug collection like theirs. Coffee mugs can have personal photos, quotes, art work and logos made to order from companies like Cafepress.

There really is not one definitive reason all coffee mug collectors collect mugs. The reason can be very personal or simply because mugs are a relatively cheap collectible compared to expensive art work or rare antiques. Another reason might be because coffee mugs are easy to find just about anywhere you go these days.

For some collectors, they simply enjoy cute graphics, inspirational messages and/or beautiful scenery available on different coffee mugs. There are collectors out there who enjoy finding vintage coffee mugs that advertise products or businesses that remind them of being a child, or fond memories of things that no longer exist. Whatever the reason, coffee mugs are very collectible and have fans all over the world. 

Reasons tea is healthy

The effects of tea on health have been known to man for a long time in history. Humans have drank the brew for centuries. They have gathered evidence to it’s effects which can not be dismissed out of hand. Like the proverbial pudding whose test lies in its eating, the tea has persistently attracted and enhanced its consumption by word of mouth publicity.

But once again, it is difficult to dismiss the evidence in favor of tea on the grounds that the studies were not conducted in accordance with modern scientific norms. The ills of tobacco consumption is well documented by medical studies but in similar fashion, benefits of tea drinking is hard to come by.

The claim about the benefits of tea are many. There are numerous references to it’s beneficial aspects in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. Now we are constantly referred to modern studies and reports about it. Should we accept them on face value or should we exercise caution ?

It is suggested that black teas, green teas and oolong teas, have a protective capability against oral, lung, colon and other cancers. Green teas especially, with more than thirty polyphenols, act as antioxidants like vitamin C, E, and beta carotene and may reduce serum cholesterol and the risk of heart disease and stroke. These polyphenols are also found in fruits and vegetables. Does it make tea better than fruits and vegetables?

In addition to being a soothing, calming beverage, tea is reported to aid digestion, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the risk of heart disease, all of which play a role in healthy aging. The fluoride in tea can strengthen bones in the same way it strengthens dental enamel. Is it a fact? Will it stand scrutiny when compared to coffee drinkers?

It is claimed that drinking green tea inhibits esophageal cancer as well as other types of tumors. Further it is reported that regular green tea consumption can result in lower incidence of several types of cancers. One possible explanation of it is that the compounds in tea inhibit the formation action of cancer causing substances, such as nitrosamines, which are the by product of cooking meats and fish. There is enough room for skepticism here.

It is true that tea has less caffeine than coffee, but then a recent report says that caffeine in coffee can prevent and stop the spread of Alzheimer’s. It appears that there is too much of hype about tea’s health benefits, reminiscent of nineteenth century tea advertisements which attributed almost magical virtues of tea.

Therefore, by default we have to accept the fact that the considerable time frame in history in which this herb has been used by humans is sufficient to speak for itself about it’s benefits. But in truth more research, more studies with adequate sample base, is needed to determine not only the consumption levels but also to pin point accurately the areas where it is beneficial and where it is not.

Reasons Drinking Coffee at Home is better than at a Coffeehouse

There are many people who drink coffee at a coffeehouse each day and basically enjoy it. It is hard to tell what they enjoy about the whole coffeehouse experience. Perhaps it is the waiting in line or the pressure to speed order once you get to the front of the line, or maybe it is the lack of places to sit that they enjoy. In truth, there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking coffee at a coffeehouse, but he coffeehouse experience is not for every coffee lover.

Some coffee aficionados prefer to enjoy their favorite beverage right in their own homes. If you really stop and think about it, there are numerous reasons why coffee is better at home. 

Comfortable atmosphere

At home, you are surrounded by your things. The furniture is yours, the wall art was selected by you, the lamps are yours and the list goes on from there. The point is that it is sometimes easier to completely relax when you are in your own personal surroundings. You can drink your coffee at the kitchen table or while sitting on the back steps. No one will ask you to remove your hat or put your shoes back on your feet.

Consider how relaxed you feel while standing in line with other people who are just as anxious as you are to get their java fix for the day. Your home is made up of bits of you, which make it very comfortable and less stressful than the outside world. You can play your favorite music or watch the sunset in blissful silence. 

Coffee in your pajamas

It is true that there is not a set dress code for frequenting a coffeehouse, which means you can go in and enjoy your coffee in comfortable attire. However, some establishments just might frown a bit if you walked in with your hair standing straight up and wearing your pajamas and fuzzy slippers. In fact, some coffeehouses actually have become the “in” place for high society folks. 

While enjoying a cup of coffee at home, you can wear your favorite pair of faded sweat pants and that stained T-shirt. You do not have to wear make-up or even smell good in order to get a coffee. You can even walk around barefoot if you want to! Besides, who wants to have to go through so much effort to shower, get dressed and then drive to a coffeehouse? Instead, just open one eye and walk into the your kitchen where the coffee is always fresh and the owners don’t mind your fuzzy slippers.

Always an open table

Another really nice thing about drinking coffee at home is that you never have to wait for an open table. There is always a spot waiting just for you at home. You never to look to make sure the table and seat are clean and there are always plenty of spoons to go around at home. 

On the flip side, you do not have to feel rushed to gulp your coffee down and leave so someone else can sit at your table. This is not always a problem at every coffeehouse. In more popular coffee stops, it can put a real damper on the whole “coffeehouse atmosphere” that people like to talk about. At home you and your friends/family can drink coffee as long as you want in the same spot.

Unlimited refills

At many coffeehouses, you buy one coffee and that is all you get for that price. If you want another coffee, you pay for another coffee. Some coffeehouses charge enough for one coffee that you could buy a small can of coffee at the grocery store! 

At home, you can drink as much or as little coffee as you want for the same great price. Not only can you get unlimited refills for free, you can put any additives (cream, flavored syrup, sugar, etc) in your coffee for free too. Most coffeehouses charge extra for some of the additives.

Coffeehouses will probably be around for a long time to come and that is great. Long live the servers of coffee! For some coffee fans, the relaxed, comfortable feeling of home is all they need to make a good beverage truly wonderful.