Nadine’s Story – Slimquick Experience

Nadine Erin lost 34 pounds in eight weeks with the help of  Slimquick & the Slimquick Diet & Exercise Program.

“I am absolutely thrilled by the  by the results! I feel like a Slimquick Nadine’s Ms. Fitness article focuses on her transformation as she lost 34 lbs in just 8 weeks…
“At 151 lbs I had fat everywhere & little energy to do anything.”
“At 4 weeks into my first cycle, 3 in had come off my waist & 4 inches from my thighs.”
“After using SlimQuick for only 8 weeks I’d lost 34 pounds & now have a 23 inch waist.”

Says Nadine. Not only did Nadine lose more weight than she ever thought possible, she also reduced her waist size by an incredible 8 inches, and ended up with a 23-inch waist. Here is how Nadine made her outstanding transformation.

Nadine’s Past
Nadine is a pharmaceutical sales representative with a very hectic schedule. From juggling long hours, to making time for friends and family, Nadine never seems to have enough time in her day. With her work, she meets with doctors and other health-science practitioners at many of the finer restaurants in her sales territory.

As we all know, restaurants can spell disaster for anyone trying to stick to a diet—even the salads seem to taste “too good” to be low in fat! Struggling to lose weight is not something new to Nadine as she’s been trying to get her “dream body” for over nine years! In the past when she was able to stick to a diet and fitness program, she was able to lose weight. Unfortunately, Nadine always regained the weight she lost as soon as she stopped.

Confused About Weight Training

Nadine has always known the importance of weight training and exercise. During her struggle, Nadine joined all the top fitness clubs in the city and did the exercise programs you see in the various fitness magazines, to help her beat the fat once and for all. Nadine even got a job at a local fitness center to help her stay motivated and to learn more “secrets” to losing fat. Of course, when that didn’t happen she got even more frustrated. It seemed like every trainer had his or her own philosophy on how to train. Each training “expert” seemed to contradict the other, which left her even more confused.
Which Diet Really Works?
Not only has Nadine tried all exercise routines imaginable, but she’s also tried all of the diets you can think of. From Atkins, to The Zone, to the Mediterranean Diet—she has tried them all. She even tried the Low Carb Diet, which actually worked, but she couldn’t stand eating that much meat at every meal. Nadine even completed a four-year degree in nutrition, so that she could learn even more about weight loss. Unfortunately, several years after graduating, she still had the same fat percentage she had in school.

Supplement Confusion
During her fat-loss journey, Nadine tried most of the top “fat burners” including: ma huang, synephrine, ephedrine, pyruvate, meal replacement shakes, L-Carnitine, CLA, caffeine pills, apple cider vinegar, chromium, and even various fat-loss gels! Unfortunately, she didn’t lose all the weight she wanted. A few of the ephedrine-based fat burners she tried did work, but seemed way too strong for her body—they left her feeling so wired that she couldn’t sleep! Through her experimentation, she learned that some supplements work when you combine them with a good diet and exercise program, while others are completely worthless and can be harmful and unhealthy. Here are Nadine’s thoughts on supplements:

“When I think of supplements, I now think of all the money I’ve wasted on them over the years. I always found myself reading a fitness magazine, seeing an ad for a new product and then running out to a health food store and buying it. I’d try it for a few weeks and see no significant changes to my weight, and then I’d put it in the cupboard next to the other fat burners I’d bought in the past. Eventually, I had held on to so many fat-loss pills, gels and shakes that part of my kitchen looked like a mini health food store!”

Nadine’s favorite fitness magazines were (and still are) Oxygen, Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness Rx for Women, and Ms. Fitness. She has always read these magazines to find the “secrets” on exercise form, diet, and of course, supplements. She liked to cut pictures of her favorite fitness stars out of the magazines for added inspiration. Sometimes these photos helped motivate her, but other times, they led to discouragement as she thought she’d never be able to look like those stars. Nadine now can’t believe that she’s actually shown in these same fitness magazines endorsing the female weight-loss system that helped her get in the best shape of her life!

Nadine’s Extraordinary Transformation
At the start of her transformation, Nadine weighed 151 pounds, complained of low energy levels, and wanted to lose fat as quickly as possible. With a new career in the pharmaceutical field, she decided to give Slimquick a try. Here are Nadine’s words:

“When I first heard about Slimquick, I was skeptical. But when I found out it was made for a woman’s body, I decided to give it a try along with the Slimquick diet and exercise program.”

Nadine’s First 4-Week Cycle
She followed the Level 1 exercise and diet program during her first cycle, which lasted exactly four weeks.

“During my first four weeks, the back of my arms got toned up, my stomach got harder while my butt and thighs firmed up quickly! The workouts were challenging, as I’d never followed a program quite like this before. The rest times were short, which really made me work up a sweat, and the exercise variety made workouts exciting. After my second week, I increased my strength in virtually every exercise on the program. Other girls at the gyms started to notice the changes in my body and started to ask me for tips on working out! Slimquick helped keep my metabolism elevated without making me feel edgy. I took two servings each day, one in the morning as soon as I woke up, and the other later in the day. I noticed that it increased my energy, reduced my appetite and also seemed to help reduce the water retention I normally have. After just four weeks, my entire body changed. Clothes fit better, and even my face looked more contoured. I had lost 16 pounds, trimmed 3 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my thighs, and 3 inches off my hips! I couldn’t believe the results I had achieved. It goes without saying that I was now a believer in Slimquick. I was now down to 135 pounds, but I felt I still had to trim down even further, so I decided to do a second four-week cycle.”

Nadine’s Second 4-Week Cycle
During this second phase, she followed the Level 2 program in the Slimquick exercise program manual, but stayed on the original diet provided in the manual.

“With the Level 2 program, there was more volume on each workout, but the rest time was still low. Like the last program, leg day was on day one, which was good because I was fully recovered and ready to hit my legs hard. My inner thighs have always been a problem spot for me, but each week I was able to trim fat off this area while also firming up. I have to say that my favorite muscle group to work this time was shoulders. There were three isolation exercises done before doing the shoulder press, which made my shoulders burn every time! The ab routines given were also incredible. My favorite was the leg raise-ab crunch superset that was done on day six. This made my abs burn more than any ab routine I’d ever tried. At the end of my second cycle, I lost another 18 pounds and was in the best shape I’d ever been in. I had trimmed 5 inches off my hips and 3 inches off my thighs. But the most incredible change of all took place on my waist. I lost an additional 5 inches off my waist, which brought my waist down to 23 inches! I had no idea that my waist was actually that small underneath the fat I’d been carrying for years. I now have abs for the first time ever! To say my results were extraordinary is an understatement. At the end, I lost a total of 34 pounds in eight weeks!”