How to Eat Healthy on the Cheap

Recently, I received an email that made me take pause. It went:

“You (and you’re not alone in this, believe me) seem to imply that all of us are in a position to lug home sacks of sea salt and fresh pomegranates, along with buckets of unpasteurized honey. But there is a large (and rapidly growing) segment of the population that must get its daily calorie quota from the very “boxes and cans” you so understandably condemn…”

My first reaction was “Hey, I’m just giving the facts here. Unpasteurized honey is healthier than the pasteurized variety, and there isn’t much I can do about the fact that it costs more.”
But then it made me stop and think. I guess I am writing from a rather privileged perspective at the moment, and I suppose some of my health recommendations reflect that. However, I have been on the other side of that fence in the past. So, rather than get all defensive about it, I decided I should try and impart a little advice to the financially challenged.

Eating healthy is about prioritizing. If you rely on the foodbank for some of your foods, and all they have is canned beans, then eat the canned beans, but supplement it with fresh vegetables. Skip the hyped “superfoods” that are supposed to have higher nutrient content (which is reflected in the price), and just get fresh fruits and vegetables. All fresh produce have nutrients that you need.

Bones from the butcher are cheap, so use them to make beautiful and healthy stocks. Stocks will help to round out other proteins in the diet and they are delicious as soups or sauces.

If organic apples are too expensive, look for organic celery. If it’s all too expensive, then just get the conventionally farmed stuff. Always try for local (which can often be cheaper) and look for local farmers’ markets which can also offer good deals.

I guess the point is to use the information in this blog as best you can. Yes, I’m going to say that canned foods aren’t as healthy as the fresh variety, because that is the case. But if you eat the canned vegetable in a salad of fresh local greens you’re making it better.

My Heart Is An Idiot

Love Advice from a Love Moron

In fifth grade, I was completely in love with Allison Faber, the coolest, smartest, funniest girl in my class. We had a ton of shared interests—we both wanted to be writers when we grew up; we were both huge Detroit Tigers fans; we even had the same favourite player, Chet Lemon. In an eerie twist that convinced me that fate had brought Allison and I together, the numerals in each of our phone numbers added up to 34, which was also Chet Lemon’s jersey number.

After a year, I finally scored a date with Allison—it was the first date of my life. I took her to see the Richard Pryor movie Brewster’s Millions, and during the closing credits, I moved in for a kiss, and got dissed hard. It’s been a mottled trail of heartbreak and failed relationships ever since.

I may be the least qualified advice columnist on the planet. I’m 32 years-old and I’ve never been married or even lived with a girlfriend. In fact, my struggles have been so pronounced that my friend David Meiklejohn and I decided to make a movie called My Heart Is An Idiot, documenting the ups and downs of my own love life. Along the way, we’ve also been collecting other people’s stories of romantic misfires. Even if I’m an idiot with love, I always find myself full of advice for others. I guess if it’s true that you learn from your mistakes, well… I’ve done a lot of learning. And really, why squander day after day mismanaging my own love life when I can mismanage yours?

For this first column, I asked friends to send me their questions about love, sex, and relationships. Here’s a couple favourites of the e-mails I received.

Davy, hi, If a guy is really into a girl he’s dating, can she actually screw things up by sleeping with him too soon? If it doesn’t work out, was it that the guy wasn’t really that interested in the first place, or lost interest because there was no challenge left?
— Molly in Asheville, North Carolina

That’s a great question, Molly. Your instincts are spot on. Guys like a challenge; if something comes to us too easily, it’s less tantalizing. In the early stages of relationships, some people take the high road and refuse to play games. I respect that in theory, but the truth is this: games work. You want to hook a guy? Don’t act too interested. Keep him off balance. When you get a message from him, call him back right away sometimes and other times wait a few days. Remain just beyond his grasp.

I’ll probably get pummeled by my homeys for saying this, but I think if you really like a guy, it’s probably worth waiting a little while before you start having sex. Hold off until the fifth or sixth time you hang out—this will keep the guy in full courtship mode, and give both of you a chance to see if you really like each other, not just each other’s bodies.

Hey Davy, Whenever I’m making out with a girl, there’s always a point where my mind stops and asks, “What do you think you’re doing? This is ridiculous”—half-anthropologist, half-little kid. I know I should be overwhelmed with passion or whatever, but I’m almost never overwhelmed by anything. How do I answer or silence that little voice?
— Rob in Vancouver, B.C.

Rob. Rob. Homey. Listen to me. You need to drink more. Have a drank, dogg! Next time you’re hangin’ out with one of these girls, please have five drinks first, then call me in the morning and let me know how it goes. I promise you, your mind will be on other things besides how strange it is to have your face that close to someone else’s face. You’ll be thinking about more important things, like how to get payback on me for suggesting that girls wait ’til the fifth or sixth date before they have sex with you.

Okay readers, you get the idea; now I’m passing the mic to all of you. Please send me your questions about love, sex, and relationships—I will respond personally to every question I receive, and in two weeks I’ll be back to share a few of my answers right here. Your identity will always be kept absolutely anonymous unless you specify that you’d like your name used. All right, peace!

Our anniversary been a while

Six years ago today was a eventful and busy day. JE and i got married and started our forever lives together. God blessed us with each other and our love made a child that completed our family unit. As we go through our daily lives we sometimes forget that powerful love we experience. I can still remember when I realized that i did not want to live my life without him. Our love has only grown since. We have been married for six years and four of those six i have been battling breast cancer. I can’t say that is a road either one of us would have chosen but we did chose to walk it hand in hand when there were roadblocks. By circumstance outside of our hands, JE is away at a bachelor party weekend. I am sure they are having a great time without any females around to tell them what they are doing wrong! But i am thinking about him and remember our special day when we left behind our individual lives to become and even better team. Thanks for being my partner. I wish Willace and Liz a long and happy life together. And may our lake house survive this weekend!!!

Been a while

Feeling pretty good today after a somewhat rough weekend. Battling nausea (lost once or twice already!) and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I can’t seem to catch a good breath. I fear the heart failure has returned. It is either that or my hemoglobin is extremely low. I guess it can hold off until Thursday as there is nothing to do except get off of the Herceptin again. The heartburn is hard to live with. I am feeling like that commercial where the woman is breathing fire. Talked with my doctor today and he said to take two antiacids a day, twice a day. (Even though the box says not to exceed more than two tablets a day!!) Despite not feeling myself, I enjoyed our time together as a family at the lake. The water is still a little nippy but it is as beautiful as ever for this time of year. Only three days of school left. Now is the time the students start to do some really wierd things. We met our new principal today. He has some qualities I like. He likes dogs, he is an ex-coach, he doesn’t seem to BS and he has no hair! Those unique characteristics can’t help but make for a good leader.

How To Build Lean Muscle

Three things are essential to be able to know how to build lean muscle. The numbers may be different since your goals would also vary, but you will find that the way you deliver it will be the same. So it may be entirely up to you to be consistent with the program you are going to undergo and how persistent you will be in dealing with it.

Initially, you would have to consider the idea of rest. This is the area where it is most neglected. Rest here, refers to the period in between sets, wherein you take a break from previous work out to the next day’s work out. The amount of sleep you have is also measured here. Without rest, even if you have a balanced diet and conditioned yourself to exercise at a good pace, the results will be different from what is expected. This is because your muscles recover when you are resting and not while you are at work.
Your diet should also not be disregarded. If you are starting on how to build lean muscle, you should have a proper intake of protein and carbohydrates regularly. Protein helps repair and build the muscles in your body and the carbohydrates help your body avoid eating itself alive. Make sure you have a proper diet and intake of the right foods that would help build up lean muscle mass.

It is also helpful to be conscious of the calories you take in each day. Calories may help you, not only gain weight, but gain muscle as well. Follow the guideline starting with consuming 17 times your total body weight in calories regularly. Continue to monitor your results. If you sense that you are staying at the same weight or dropping pounds, increase to the factor of 20, but it is advisable to stop there.

The types of work out you undergo and the type of machines you choose can affect your results greatly if you are on the verge of learning how to build lean muscle. There are different types of exercise that you think might work similarly but they actually don’t. You may even opt to have little changes in your routine if you feel you want to move up a bit on your progress. You may focus on upper body muscle building since this is one of the harder areas to workout. Just by following a consistent pattern of proper exercises, a good diet and enough rest, you will be able to see immediate results.

Yamaha Electric Guitar – The Perfect And Cheap Guitar For Newbie To Professional

With over 100 years of skill in musical instrument manufacturing, Yamaha has an established record of excellence products. In 1966, Yamaha created its first electric guitar in Japan.

Yamaha’s goal is to make the happiness of music available to all. They have created a variety of guitar kits. Some starter kits include a padded gig bag, amplifier, guitar cable, and more. It also can be customized to meet the demands of the emergent musician.

Yamaha even has the Silent Guitar. This assists those who need to practice but are living populated places. Students who live in dorms or apartments love this. They plug in their headset to the guitar and get great sound quality. When they’re able to play live, they just hook up to a sound system for all to hear.

Yamaha electric guitars are indicated by their neck building. Their neck is distinctive because it’s set deep with the body of the guitar instead of attached to the body. Additionally they have the distinct maintain plate and T-Cross system. With these patented characteristics, you are able to create a warm expert tone. Yamaha electric guitars aren’t only known for their excellence design and sound, but for their affordability. Beginning and intermediate players love Yamaha as they can find inexpensive equipment that is user friendly.

Yamaha has manufactured several different models to cater to all expertise levels. Therefore, from starter to specialist, there is a Yamaha electric guitar to suit. They’re very versatile in features and price range. So whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player you will find the perfect package to suit your playing style and more significantly your wallet.