Preventing Blisters on Feet

Blisters on feet can be a very unpleasant experience and are typically formed due to skin irritation caused by continuous friction and moisture. Foot blisters can also occur in response to a skin allergy or infection. Watery fluid content in the eruptions on the skin’s surface is usually clear but can become yellow with pus in cases of severe infection. There are times when the situation can get so out of hand that the blood blister can be filled with blood. You need to consult a physician immediately in such situations before matters get worse.

These blisters should be treated as quickly as possible to prevent infection. Starting treatment early will reduce pain and discomfort. First you need to clean the affected area and dry it off completely. Presence of moisture on the skin will delay the healing process. Wash your feet with water and dry them gently taking care not to rub the affected area. You can then apply medication (ointment is a good choice) followed by covering the area with sterile dressing.

Many blister kits and sterile dressing pads are available which can be very effective. You can leave sterile dressing on the affected area until the foot blister heals completely. If you notice slow healing or no improvement, consult your physician without further delay.

Preventing blisters on feet is easy. You can follow these simple tips to prevent the formation of foot blister in future.

  • Never wear uncomfortable shoes, wet shoes or socks. Always select shoes which fit you well. You can use blister free socks if you need to wear socks for longer durations.

  • Keep your feet as dry as possible. You can use foot powder to keep them dry and prevent odor and foot blisters. Take special precautions during summer when you sweat more.

  • Don’t use the same pair of shoes or socks daily. It is better to keep two to three pairs. Use proper boots for hiking or long walks. If you feel sand or gravel particles inside your shoes, take off your boots immediately. Friction created by sand particles causes blisters on feet.

  • Give your feet good relaxation. Make sure you rest properly after a long hiking session or walk. This will prevent blisters from forming.

  • Let your feet breathe. Avoid wearing shoes and socks for long. Keep your feet clean and dry to prevent odor, skin infections and foot blisters.